Sunday, 2 March 2008


After some thought, i decided it's best if i leave poker to one side for at least a year. I am going to miss it dearly and will miss the rush i get when i play but i figured something needed to change. Also, some of my friends think that i am addicted to poker. I think nothing of it and say that it's not true. But in ways i think i am...

That for one is a good reason to stop, addiction isn't good. This break will test me. But the main reason for this absence is education. As some of you may know i do attend college and ever since i started playing poker again, everything i do seems to revolve around it and i find myself far behind when it comes to work. I really need to concentrate more and get through the year without any distractions.

I hope to return next year, once i complete my course, and i still hope to take a year out after to see how i fair at being a full time fish

Yours Truly


Tuesday, 26 February 2008

GET IN!!!!

An absolutely fantastic two days of poker....

Started off with, as i mentioned, $26. With some well played heads cash i finished the day with $139. This morning i played 2 $3 KO tourneys on FT and made the final table in one of them...that's two final tables in 5 tourneys :).

I came a disappointing 2nd after being a HUGE chip lead when i ran A3 into A2 all in pre flop...with him managing to make a full house....I made about $50 in that tourney and about $12 in the one the night before. Again, today Ive been playing heads up making small profit but boosting my roll up to, and over, the $200 mark, so i am extremely pleased with how I'm playing at the moment.

Just waiting for variance to bite me in the arse and when it does I'm sure it'll be a pretty horrific and bloody womb. But until then I'm just going to continue playing how i have been lately.

Yours Truly


Sunday, 24 February 2008

A Little Update...A Good Result

Here's how i got on in the 21 games:

tourney place prize

1 1st $4.50
2 1st $4.50
3 5th $0.00
4 1st $4.50
5 9th $0.00
6 5th $0.00
7 5th $0.00
8 4th $0.00
9 9th $0.00
10 8th $0.00

Right, as you can see i started off quite nicely, winning in 3 of the 4 games i started. After this though, my form dropped like crazy and found myself in situations i wouldn't normally get myself into.

After these 10 games, making a little profit i decided to quit there.

I remembered how i built my roll into the $1000's last time on tilt. I achieved this by playing heads up games of 25c/50c and above. To start, as my roll was less than $30 i bought in for $20 against an opponent who was sat in for $50.

It wasn't long before i accumulated a lot of his stack leaving me with about $40 and him $30. Then this hand come:

My BB and i raise to $1.50 with As 4s
He re raises to $2.50 and so i call the $1 extra
Luckily the poker gods bring a low all spades flop...he checks to me and i bet under pot (around $2.50) to look like its a weak bet. he goes ahead and makes the call.
Turn is the queen of clubs and he leads out for $8.50, i run my time bank down to make it look like i hard a hard decision and just call.
River is a blank and i know i cant lose as i have the slow call, i think, brought along his next bet, which was all...i was glad to call and show the winning hand.

After boosting my roll $50 i decided to play another opponent at the same level. again i continue to trap and make another $10-$15

I'm going to keep playing these until i go bust or my roll reaches $500.

At the moment its just over $80

Yours Truly


The New Plan

My roll on stars is doing ok, but I'm struggling at the moment with full tilt. With only $26 left Ive decided to take some action and built a plan.

My exact roll is $26.86, with this i can buy into 21 games of one table SnG's at $1+$0.25.

Payouts in these are as follows:

1st: $4.50
2nd: $2.70
3rd: $1.80

I am going to play 21 games and see how my roll bares after these.

As for stars, I'm going to play cash games as i seem to be doing quite well in them. Also may try some mtt's as i love the big fields and great cash prizes.

Yours Truly


Saturday, 23 February 2008

Swimming Along Nicely

At the moment, i can't complain really. Since my last post last week i have managed to place 2nd in a 90 man SnG knockout on Full tilt which saw a significant boost in my roll. From there i have won a few one table SnG's or placed in the money a couple of times.

Last night was the RTR heads up cup. It was good to play in such a friendly environment. Although i was a bit disappointed in drawing rickyrosa in the first game as it saw the welsh against the welsh. This was over quickly, first hand actually when i picked up jacks. Ricky hit top pair (tens) on the flop and the money went in. This saw me through to the quarter finals where i was to play dD (resdent evil). It was all about even until i think i stepped up my game a little and accumulated a slight chip lead. It was when we had both hit top pair on the flop that the money went in. I wasn't comfortable calling but i was pot committed. It was dD that had the better kicker but unluckily for him a 6 came on the turn to give me two pair. Gg dD.

Lukybugur was my next opponent in the semi finals. And from the start i was dominated, tried to pull too many bluffs and he caught me out. Gg luky, vwp.

Just a shout out to cloud who won (again). vvwp mate...well deserved =).

Yours Truly


Friday, 15 February 2008

Milestone Post

Im happy to announce that this is my 100th post on this blog. This blog has now been running a good 9 or 10 months and has kept me going through the year. I would like to thank everyone who reads it, posts on it etc etc...

I will be continuing to use it to track my poker progress and keep you updated. There has been lack of updates because i haven't played poker since christmas.

Im currently grinding out a small roll as of last night, on very low stakes. Instead of giving you values, i will give you percentages, as values will look puny in my case. As of last night and this morning i have increased my roll by 25%, so its started quite nicely.

Some news i wanted to share: After i have completed this course im on, im going to take a year out and play poker full time and see how i cope, if it goes well i will continue, if not i will still have my qualifications. My course wont be completed for another year and a half as of now though, so still awhile.

will post soon

yours truly


Sunday, 23 December 2007


Here i go again, ranting and raving at the 'shit' play that gets lucky at low stakes. It gets so irritating! How many times do the poker sites want to reward the fish just so they will stay and make them more money?? And yes, i do think online poker is rigged, maybe not all, but some sites for definite. Blah blah blah at all the people who say it isn't and its just variance or whatever!! Ive lost my last 3 rolls, wasn't much to lose but still pissed off. Although i cannot play as well as i used to i still think i can play better than a lot of the players on these sites. But i like to play against stronger players because at least they know when to fold!

Everything is looking up though on the 'non-poker' side of things just to mention. I now have two jobs to earn me a bit of money, the new one is working behind the bar at a local pub which i quite like, you get to socialise while working which is alright. Working Christmas eve which is an ass but can't wait for Christmas day....just a big laze and a lush meal....and i got 3 =) here we come weight watchers ;)

hope you all have a good one


yours truly